August 20, 2019 Jose Underwood

Within the framework of the Family Protection Action Plan to be launched on 1 July 2019, the Baby Waiting Loan was introduced. Conditions: HUF 10 million interest-free loan, free to use, to spend on anything, no real estate collateral, Depending on the number of children born, the loan may even become a government grant. You can find more detailed information about the Baby Waiting Facility in our earlier article. With the introduction of Babavár subsidy, because its conditions are so favorable (interest-free, it can turn into government subsidy, it is freely usable), even young married couples who have not planned…

August 10, 2019 Jose Underwood

As we have been doing lately, we are seeing new and more recent lending records. February 2019 is still out. As they say, “Attention, the following data is good for disrupting your peace of mind!” The real estate market, and with it the credit market, is really buzzing.   Awesome February numbers We don’t even know where to start. Let’s say personal loans . According to the latest data, banks have issued more than HUF 41 billion to the population. This is an increase of about 37 percent compared to February 2018 performance. As for mortgages, growth is also noticeable….